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  Ningbo Dahongying University (NDU),inaugurated by investment from Ningbo Dahonging Education Group, has been approved by the Ministry of Education as a private full-time undergraduate university. Currently it has two campuses, with a total area of over 1,300 mu, and floor space of nearly 500,000 square meters. The university provides 51 undergraduate majors and associate degree majors, with more than 17,000 full-time students.
  Adhering to the ideal of ^student-centered education with equal emphasis on ethics and ability ̄ and the school motto of ^self-confidence and dedication ̄, Ningbo Dahongying University is promoting its educational spirit of ^perseverance, personal development, and continuous pursuit of high goals ̄, holding the ideal of ^becoming the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises ̄. With ^developing an educational methodology for non-governmental higher institutions ̄ as its mission statement, it is dedicating itself to achieving this goal by training managerial personnel with high-end technological skills.


   Hangzhou Bay Campus
.Ningbo Dahongying University has two campuses; one is located in Ningbo city, and the other in the New Zone of Hangzhou Bay, at the base of the Hanzhou Bay Bridge. This campus has an area of 450 mu, with a total of approximately 300,000 square meters for planned building capacity with currently 150,000 square meters completed. It has modern design and extensive educational facilities. In order to meet the needs of economic development of this region, we will establish a Business School, a College of International Education, a Research & Training Centre for the IT industry and for the Performing Arts and Media Industries. The College of International Education will be dedicated to attracting high quality educational resources from abroad in order to create a platform for international communication and cooperation.


  Conditions of Running School. DHY has appointed Professor Lu Bingheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering fellow, as the President. There is a team of highly educated and qualified academic leaders and coordinators. In recent years, DHY has made substantial investments to improve its facilities. For example, more than 150 sophisticated laboratories covering all majors, a series of training centers (a Modern Educational Technology Centre, Ningbo Demonstration Centre for National Engineering Research, a Centre for Rapid Manufacturing, an Electro-Mechanical Centre, a CAXA Digital Manufacturing Centre, an Industrial Design Centre, and an Apple Experience Centre etc.), and the establishment of 135 internship bases in conjunction with local businesses. The library has an area of 22,840 square meters, with a collection of approximately 1.04 million books, and 1000 newspapers, journal and magazines in Chinese and foreign languages.


  Educational Philosophy. Ningbo Dahongying University adapts to the outside world and actively seeks to develop close ties with small and medium-sized enterprises, professional organizations, universities and educational institutions both at home and abroad, and vigorously promotes diversified educational pedagogies. For the developmental educational process, the university adheres to the integration of training, educational research and application, with capability development as an emphasis. Additionally, the university has enhanced educational and teaching reform, highlighting utility, practicality and sustainability; paying special attention to students¨ individuality, skill development, humanitarism, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to develop students¨ potential capacity. The development of the students¨ future career paths in small and medium-sized enterprises is an integral part of the universities outcomes.


  Scientific Research and Discipline Development. In scientific research, the university is geared to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthening application research and development of practical technology. The discipline development focuses on industries such as advanced manufacturing technology, IT technology, production services and cultural and creative industries. The university gives priority to application disciplines whilst maintaining due attention to other areas of study such as Engineering, Economics, Management, Arts and Science, with an emphasis on those disciplines closely related to small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta region.

  # Research Institutions
Higher Education Institute (consists of 7 research centers)
University Student Growth and Development Research Institute
Computer Application Technology Research Institute
Mechanical and Electrical Technology Research Institute
Economics and Management Science Research Institute
Paper Products Research and Development Center
Industrial Design Research Center
Software Development Research Center

  # Discipline!Development Plan for Undergraduate Majors (2011-2015)


First-level Discipline Name
(Major Category)


Second-level Discipline Name




¥International Economy and Trade




Foreign Language and Literature


¥English Language


¥Japanese Language



Art and Design



Chinese Language and Literature


Chinese Language and Literature



¥Radio and Television Journalism






Information and Computer Science

Electronic Information


Electronic Information
Science and Technology




¥Mechanical DesignManufacturing and Automation


¥Industrial Design


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering and Automation

Instruments and Meters


Measurement & Control Technology and Equipment

Electrical Information


¥Electrical Engineering and Automation


Communication Engineering


¥Computer Science and Technology


℃Software Engineering

Management Science

Management Science and Engineering


¥Information Management and Information System


Project Management


Industrial Engineering

Business Management


℃Business management




¥Financial Management


Logistics Management

Notes此亜錙existing majors^℃ ̄new majorsthe rest are the proposed majors。

  International Communications & Cooperation. The University is devoted to promoting international cooperation in a positive manner, focusing on establishing relationships with research institutions and internationally recognized enterprises. Currently, the University has cooperation with over 20 universities or institutions in USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have signed the cooperation agreements with about 10 universities, such as American Arkansas State University, Towson University, Northwestern Polytechnic University in the USA, Accademia di belle arti di Brescia in Italy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Taiwan Kunshan University. We have organized several international academic conferences, recruitment of foreign teachers, and send students to study abroad each year.


  Schooling philosophy: student-centered education with equal emphasis on ethics and ability
  Educational spirit: perseverance, personal development, and continuous pursuit of higher goals
  Ideal: becoming the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises
  Mission: developing an educational methodology for non-governmental higher institutions
  School motto:self-confidence and dedication
  Mid-term and long-term development goals of the university
  2011-2015Reaching the goal of transformation to be an applicational undergraduate university, whilst developing the university into a qualified undergraduate institution
  2016-2020By the construction of a number of key projects, the university will continuously better its comprehensive strength and become a private university with profound regional influence.
  2021-2030constructing specialty in disciplines and personnel training, making the university a national model in innovation, building the school into a first-class private university with distinctive characteristics and good reputation.


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